Fluorchemie Stulln GmbH

Hydrofluoric acid has been produced in Stulln since 1940. In 1982/83 VAW Flussspat-Chemie GmbH constructed a new plant in Stulln which today is still considered as one of the most modern of its kind.

In 1944 VAW Flussspat-Chemie GmbH established Fluorchemie Stulln GmbH, encompassing all hydrofluoric acid operations. On July 1st 1994 the management of Fluorchemie Stulln GmbH was taken over by Dr. Christian Rocktäschel.

Bild FC Stulln  


  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • AHF
  • Calcium sulphate binder EN 13 454-1 CAB 30